GFT Moderators

GFT offers external moderation services to Training Providers in the Firearms Training Industry. External moderation services for Accredited Training Providers are a SAQA and PFTC requirement.

One of the main functions of the moderation process is to evaluate the performance of assessors. The moderation system ensures that assessments are fair, valid, and consistent.

The moderation process should not be a policing process but more of a guidance process to assure you meet all requirements and if you need additional guidance, you have the assistance of an approved moderator.

Moderator NO Name & Surname Contact
19M11050405 Johan Carelse 011 664 6057
M1910002 Gert van der Westhuizen 011 664 6057
M2003001 Maryna Micklem 082 749 3330
M1911002 Werner de Wet 084 4294 935